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We begin this episode with the NFL Man Of The Year Charity Challenge. Each of the 32 NFL teams nominate a player for the Walter Payton Man Of The Year, honoring their philanthropic work off the field in their community. This year the fans can vote for their favorite player on the NFL website. The winner of this fan vote Charity Challenge will receive an extra $35,000 from the NFL Foundation and Nationwide for their charity. Other segments include; Coffee Badging, a brand new term born from the work from home/return to office era we live in today. This is where you badge into to work, grab a coffee, and walk around the office to be seen before you immediately leave to go back to work from home. 2023 was the year of Return To Work; Gift Card Advice. 30 Billion Gift Cards were given this holiday season. 30% will go unused. Thanks to a 2010 federal law, Gift Cards cannot expire for at least 5 years. Use a gift card asap to avoid inflation affecting it’s value, the store closing, or just in case you misplace it; Higher Minimum Wage begins Jan. 1 for 10 million workers in 22 states; and more.