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We begin this episode with the Guide Dog Draft and Eli Manning. The Super Bowl Champion Quarterback has been working with Guiding Eyes for the Blind for 20 years, helping to raise awareness and funds to train seeing eye dogs for the blind. Eli hosted the 1st annual Guide Dog Draft with the first pick being a seeing eye dog names Ten, going to a blind person. Eli has helped raise over $300,000 total for Other reports include; Junk Fees – Americans have spent $300 Billion in overdraft fees in the last 20 years. The Consumer Bankers Association is working to reduce the average overdraft fee from $35 down to $3, which might go into affect by October of 2025; Double Whammy Taxes for out of state workers remotely. Something to think about when you move to one state but work in another; Brian May and Peter Frampton donated guitars to raise money for the Adaptive Sports Foundation, who provide sports and activities to people with mental and physical disabilities; Arnold Schwarzenegger was stopped in TSA in Germany, detained for 3 hours, because of a watch her was wearing that he eventually will auction for clean energy in Austria; and more.