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This show begins with a detailed account of Adam’s recent Colonoscopy. Colon Cancer and Colonoscopies are a major defense to combat colon cancer. After all as they say, early detection is the key. Other segments include; A British company called Gravity Industries working on rocket suit, sort of a real life Iron Man, for Search and Rescue, and Paramedics; Charity Ball Association of San Antonio recent donation of $750,000 to local non profits. More info at; A Robin Hood Benefit in New York City that raised . $120 million. $8 million of it was a bid on a Jeff Bezos trip to space, that’s going to be given to a NY School Teacher; We end the show talking about Jay Baker’s participation in a charity event for the Brownsburg Older Adult Alliance. Jay is performing in this Comedy Show on May 21 to raise money and awareness for the BOA. Monies raised with go to help support the elderly community of Brownsburg. Tickets and info at